1. Don't store boxing gloves in your gym bag.  Bacteria will thrive in that damp and warm environment.

2. Kill bacteria inside the gloves with an anti-bacterial spray or a wipe with Lysol.

3. Put them in separate sealed bags in the freezer overnight to kill bad odors. When you take them out of the freezer, let them air dry out of direct sunlight for a day or two.

4.  Use glove dogs to keep your gloves in or make your own with cedar chips in an clean cotton socks.   You can also keep a dry bar of soap and a crumbled up newspaper in each glove. 

5.  Gloves can be gently hand washed however allow them plenty of trying time.

6.  Hang your gloves to dry so that air can move freely in and around them.     This will remove moisture and discourage bacterial growth.

7.  Wear a boxing hand wrap inside your glove.  This will not only protect your knuckles but it will absorb the sweat and in most cases, wraps are machine washable.

8.  Place cotton fabric inside of your glove before packing them in your gym bag.

9.  Using products such as Odor-Blocker, Frebeeze, is an okay idea however it's not a long term solution. Always wipe down and air out your gear.

10.  We suggest using leather protection wipes for the exterior and anti bacterial leather cleaner for the inside of your boxing gloves.